Billboard Advertising

Billboards are one of the oldest forms of advertising, with the earliest being found as early as 1835.  With billboard advertisements still being used as a form of advertisement, it proves that to this day they are still an effective way to expose businesses and campaigns.

House of Advertising has a network of 4,000 billboards across highly populated areas of the UK so we are able to maximise the number of people exposed to businesses. A large majority of our panels are illuminated, with 24 hours marketing campaigns our billboard advertisings offers businesses exposure that creates impact.

At House of Advertising we offer:

  • Billboards placed in highly populated areas in the UK, meaning millions of people are exposed to businesses and campaigns.
  • Different sizes and formats tailored to individual advertiser’s needs.
  • Opportunities for long scaled targeting campaigns.

Our dedication to providing all of our clients with the highest quality advertising service is shown in the way most of our clients continue to work with us for years.