Cinema Advertising

In the UK there are over 750 cinemas and 3,000 cinema screens and it was found last year alone 165 million cinema tickets were sold in the UK, meaning that 165 million people were exposed to cinema advertisements.

Research has found that people who are at the cinemas are most receptive to advertisements, as they are happier when attending the cinema, meaning that cinema adverts are another effective form of advertising.

After people have turned off their phones approximately 89% of audiences’ undivided attention is focused on the screen; a perfect opportunity for businesses to market themselves.

What gives cinema advertising an advantage is that it can be manipulated so it is shown to a particular audiences, in order to exposure a business to the right audiences, this can be young teenagers or family audiences.

House of Advertising services offers businesses the option of a series of advertisements or one off advertising depending on the goal of the advertisement.